Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions With Graphic Illustrations

Windows Users:

1. First download zipped folder for required fonts for this site (unz_font.zip) and save it preferably on the desktop. (Note: The desktop is your screen plus the icons seen on it). In the hierarchy of folders, the desktop is the highest. Saving it on the desk top makes it easier to find the item after downloading because it becomes visible on the screen. However, when downloading you may save the item in any folder or disk you wish, but remember where you save it, and remember the name of the file you save, because that will help you find it later.

2. After downloading, locate the zipped font file you downloaded. Look on the desktop (screen) or reach into double clicking on "My Computer  and then onto appropriate disk icons and folders. You may also locate the file by using Windows Find command (Start > Find > Files or Folders). After locating the file, expand it with  Aladdin Expander  or any other similar unzipping program. If you use Windows XP you can easily unzip a zipped file by clicking it with the right mouse click and then by selecting "Extract All" from the presented menu. Another way to unzip when using Windows XP is to double click the zipped file and then to move the contents out of the folder of zipped file by dragging with mouse. If needed download Aladdin Expander. Unzipping will creat a folder named  Unz_Font . Double click  Unz_Font  folder to view the unzipped fonts inside it.

3. Now click one time on one of the unzipped font (WebAkharThick.ttf) files, and thereafter shift-click (regular mouse click by holding the shift key pressed on the keyboard) on the second unzipped font (GuruDevan.ttf) file (to select both files). Now press  Ctrl  and  c  keys simultaneously on the keyboard to copy the font files.

4. (a) Press on the "Start" button on the task bar. (b) From the menu select "Settings" and then "Control Panel".

5. Locate  "Fonts" folder  icon inside  "Control Panel"  window and double click on it. This action will open up another window or another page in the same window. (NOTE: To see window like the one presented here, swith to classic view, if already not so).

6. Locate the "Fonts" folder icon inside  Control Panel  window and double click on it. This action will open up another window or page in the same window (similar to the illustration below).

7. From the  Edit  menu from the top of the  Fonts  window select  Paste  to paste the fonts in this window. If you did every thing right so far, the fonts named  WebAkharThick and GuruDevan  will appear here. The fonts are now installed and ready for use through your programs. You may now close open windows to tidy your desktop.